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International Business Case Study – How Would You Handle This Customer Counter Offer?

International Business Case: An Extreme Counter Offer

Dr. Ling, SingCast Cable’s V.P. of Products, was in full control of the meeting. He sensed it was time to push for more concessions from CyberWave’s negotiating team. CyberWave, the four year incumbent e-mail platform provider, had been very uncooperative in renegotiating the current contract. But with eWeb’s (a Singapore start-up company) competitive offer on the table, Dr. Ling had a real opportunity to significantly cut his growing e-mail operational costs.

Dr. Ling looked directly at Mr. Hua, CyberWave’s Sales Director, and stated in a quiet, gentle tone “Mr. Hua, we cannot afford any longer to supplement CyberWave’s licensing fees for subscribers who sign up for free accounts. As you will see in the counter-proposal in front of you, we expect your company to charge nothing for these subscribers going forward, but of course we will pay for those subscribers who opt for a ‘for fee’ package.”

Trying to mask his displeasure, Mr. Hua interjected “Dr. Ling, this is most difficult to comprehend.”

Barely pausing, Dr. Ling did not respond and continued, “We are also leaning towards outsourcing the entire e-mail hosting operations to the selected vendor. We expect ‘all’ operational and technical costs to be included: hardware and software, telecommunications bandwidth, and any direct or indirect costs associated with the migration of the subscribers to the selected vendor’s facility. Furthermore, we we will go through a formal RFP process if we cannot reach a mutual agreement that meets our satisfaction.”

Dr. Ling glanced at the only American in the room. He was surprised that Mr. Hua’s manager had not reacted. He knew he was asking for a lot, but it was his job to ask for as much as possible. Dr. Ling knew that incumbent vendors detested formal RFP’s. He really did not have the time to orchestrate the RFP process, but he would do so if he thought he could put more pressure on CyberWave to lower their prices. For all he knew, CyberWave might just be desperate enough to agree.

Dr. Ling continued, “Mr. Hua, I am sure you are aware that a new vendor has emerged — eWeb. They have crafted a very creative business proposition that many within our company view as a long-term business commitment. Obviously I am not at liberty to provide you with the details of their proposal, but I would encourage you to be very creative and aggressive with your business model. We are looking to award this contract for a three year term.”

Dr.Ling was not sure how is subtle threat would be received. He liked CyberWave’s technology and their ingenuity, but he thought that they were starting to take his business for granted.

He continued, “CyberWave and SingCast have had a good business relationship over the last four years. But as discussed in our last meeting, SingCast feels that your company has not been proactive enough in finding a business model to lower our total cost of ownership. If you value our business, now is the time to demonstrate your commitment.”

Patrick Wilson, the American and Mr. Hua’s manager, could not believe what he was hearing. Patrick could not remember the last time he heard such an “extreme” opening position for a contract re-negotiation with a customer. Threats, massive price concessions, and a competitive RFP was a lot to digest. It took all of his mental strength to refrain from interrupting, but today he was going to take his cues from Mr. Hua. Since Mr. Hua remained stone faced, he did the same. This was Patrick’s second trip to Singapore. After twelve years of selling globally, he knew better than to let his “American emotion” take control of his tongue. Instead of talking, he decided to write Dr. Ling’s points down on his note pad. He wrote:

SingCast Counter:

1. Charge nothing for any new subscriber that does not sign up for a “for fee” account

* Reaction – Ridiculous! We have no control of “how” SingCast charges for their packages. Whether they charge or not, a subscriber is using our software, we need to get paid.

2. Outsource entire e-mail operations

*Reaction – Could be a great opportunity to generate new fees and leverage services from a 3rd party outsourced sub-contractor

3. Outsourcing costs would have to include: hardware and software costs, monthly telecommunications bandwidth costs, and all costs associated with the migration of the consumer accounts

* Reaction – Need more fact finding. A model like this has revenue potential, but many risks (we could financially lose our shirts). Not sure how we would account for and control bandwidth costs

4. eWeb is the competitive vendor – Is Dr. Ling threatening us?

* Reaction – Very scary! The CEO, James Li, is an ex-CyberWave VP of Engineering. James was with the company for three years and was responsible for the e-mail solution product development. He took three of the best developers with him to start the company in Singapore.

* James knows our product inside and out and if he has built a new product – it is probably very good.

5. Three year term for the contract. Looking for a new business model that lowers total cost of ownership

* Reaction – Since he said new, probably safe to assume that we have to change all of our pricing terms and the model.

SingCast was Singapore’s number two market share broadband vendor. After only two years from receiving its government license to offer consumer services, SingCast was on pace to surpass MediaOne, the market share leader for broadband connectivity and consumer e-mail subscribers. SingCast’s multi-million dollar bet of wiring fiber-optic cable directly to consumers’ homes was paying off. Consumers in droves were cutting the cord with MediaOne, primarily due to its poor customer service, high prices, and aging technology infrastructure. SingCast’s stock was hot, up 42% in 9 months. The shareholders were pleased with SingCast’s new strategic emphasis on consumers versus its previous strategy of primarily targeting enterprises.

Dr. Ling was uncomfortable with all of the praise and attention he was receiving. He was the visionary leader who convinced SingCast’s CEO and board to bet big on wiring the fiber-optic cable directly to consumers’ homes. But with the corporate success, two significant challenges were emerging. First, SingCast’s server farm was not keeping pace with subscriber growth as SingCast underestimated just how popular their solution would be with the Singapore consumers. Second, the initial contract pricing model with CyberWave was netting CyberWave millions of dollars of licensing fees for “new” subscribers who could sign up for the SingCast service for free.

Dr. Ling knew early in the project that the licensing fees paid to CyberWave could become a financial issue, but he lost the argument with the marketing department. They were adamant that the only way to get MediaOne subscribers to change vendors was to offer “free” accounts. Hence, hundreds of thousands of subscribers had converted their basic personal email account, but less than the predicted amount opted for the “for fee” packages. To the financial markets and shareholders, the appearance of all these new subscribers was a positive, but in reality SingCast profit margins on these subscribers was very small and the cost of acquisition very high.

Truck Detailing Shop Business Case Study

As an entrepreneur you can learn a lot by following the real life case studies of other entrepreneurs. Often the text books in school leave out the beginning details and the juicy part of how it all comes together and is created out of nothing but a thought. I have an interesting case study for you and it explains how my company got into the truck detailing business. This is a funny story.

We had a franchisee in Colorado who had a contract to wash for several Used Truck Dealers and cleaned all the trucks for sale. He owned one of our Fleet Truck Washing Franchises; . The truck sales company offered us work to detail trucks because his detailers could not keep up the volume. Trucking and used truck sales in 98 was up 22% and up 23% in 99. The companies servicing these companies had labor problems, which we have figured out already. In this market we must compete like barracudas for good labor. We took the business offered and immediately were able to improve quality and handle their overflow. Soon we were detailing and washing everything. Similar Stories have happened in Nashville, and OH with our expanding tuck washing services in those markets. We started a full-service refurbishing center charging $1,000.00 to de-identify, re-stripe and detail Semi trailers and we started detailing trucks for $500.00 each. Soon we had 2-3 per day and trailers too. First month the business did $23,000.00 at the Truck Detail Shop. Second month same thing.

Then we had to figure out how to keep margins up with the mobile truck washing, with no shop, no lease , no building. But our margins were under 30%. Totally frustrated and trying to convert labor to commission instead of salary or hourly helped, but it was not good enough. Our franchisees brought in a Manager of a Detail Shop in another area for 8 years and we got it u-p to 35%. We did not have time to perfect our prototype before a few nationwide companies asked us to do all their offices. So we began other offices before we had our prototype is perfected.

It is a good business, but we are not satisfied and we must push forward until we perfect it. Our customers are driving us forward and we need to franchise just to keep up with the new business. We need to work on this business it is not ready yet. So we will offer it to current team members who understand that and hopefully we can make this work. Meanwhile there is tons of work out there and we do not want to miss our share of it. In OH we detailed ALL the trucks for the Penske Challenge 2000. They requested us by name. We were ready in January 2001 to franchise this and roll out the First Truck Detailing franchise ever created. Our biggest problem then was there is no way to know what this business will do in different areas, due labor differences, going price in that market, and Independent competition. We only know there is work for our team. We will not sell a franchise until we fill confident that it is a good business. Every trucking company, independent trucker, trailer leasing company would be our customer. Paint frames, polish tanks, buff, wax, interior
detailing of trucks. We had to please our customer so we started this company. It has been a challenge to us; we are working through this.

Sometimes it is the trial and tribulations along the way, which makes the victory so sweet when it is achieved. For our team it is about winning. But in franchising, everyone must win. So far in this potential franchise system The Customer is Winning, wins by using this service as a chance to strengthen our market dominance in the trucking industry. Now all we must do is make sure the franchisee can win. If and when we do that we will be ready to go for it.

It is a damn good thing we did not franchise in 2001, because the used truck market fell to pieces and we were down to 1-2 details per used truck dealer in Denver per week. Some weeks nothing, so we closed the shop. Trucking is back up to speed but with high fuel prices used trucks are not as hot a new ones. One thing this case study shows is that even if you have the world by the balls you still must deal in reality and be ready for a market sector to fall out. We were smart to have waited and luckily we did. In franchising having 10 or 12 franchisees all brand new out there and have the market change on you could wind you up in lawsuits and failed franchisees.

Examples of markets changing recently are some of the fast food type franchises with fattening foods when everyone changed to low carb diets. Krispy Kreme got creamed, Schlotski’s deli filed bankruptsy and all the fast food franchise took a hit for a couple of intense quarters as the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet books rocked the best seller list.

I do not care how smart you are, what business degree you have or where your family name came from. You must pay attention to the market sector, economic factors and above all watch the details; even in the detailing business. Think on this. I hope you have enjoyed today’s real life case study.

Business Case Study Methodology – The PAR Formula

In this age of taking business online, in the form of presentations, video, webinars and e-courses, case studies have become a powerful marketing tool. An effective, yet simple way of developing case studies is known as the PAR Formula.

What is the PAR formula?

It is the case method theory that’s taught at Harvard and other exceptional institutions such as Wharton and Yale.

It stands for Problem-Action-Result.

What is problem-action-result? It’s a business story. Stories are known from the time of Aesop. Jesus was a great storyteller. Confucius was a great storyteller. Muhammad was a great storyteller. Every great spiritual leader in history, like Mahatma Gandhi, was a great storyteller.

Some politicians are great storytellers, they’re not always true, but they’re great storytellers. The beauty of a story is that it has a beginning, middle and an end; therefore, a story is memorable.

When a story is memorable now it has brandability, because a brand is memorable. What does the Nike swoosh look like? It’s memorable.

What is the brand that used to have a commercial; if you’re old enough to remember, that says ‘plop plop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is’? That’s memorable it’s Alka Seltzer. Just do it is the tagline for Nike; why? It’s memorable and it’s a story.

You see stories on TV commercials. You see stories that build that brand and drill deep with it. You want stories in the PAR formula to give people the success stories of companies you’ve worked with. You can do this with people as well, but you can do it with companies exceptionally well.

I’ll give you an example latter in this article so you can see the PAR formula in action.

But for now remember Problem-Action-Result.

I want you to focus on your case studies the same way. What was the problem? Everything starts with a problem, if there’s no problem then there’s no case history or story. The problem must be defined. The problem defined well is half solved.

There must be a problem and you want to make it as specific as possible. The action is the action took by the person who had the problem. The action they took; they being your student, customer, cousin or family member, is the action you advised them.

For me it’s my students. That’s the action they took based on what I advised them. Then the result is the result they got. The result can be positive or negative, but it’s a result, which is a testing and tracking methodology to know whether or not you have to improve it or discard it.

If it’s so bad you discard it. If it’s not bad then you improve it. Problem-Action-Result; if you drill deep with those three concepts in the case study method that’s used at Harvard, Wharton, Yale and Stanford, is the case method theory of teaching.

This is the way attorneys are taught, through case method; because you learn more through the examples and case then by having someone explain it to you. I could tell you what case method or PAR formula was all day, but you may not get it unless I give you an example.

It’s because of this three part formula of PAR.

If you use it in your business it will change your business. It will accelerate the growth of your business, because you’ll start getting results. Here’s an example and I’ll give you an example of the example I’m giving you.


P=Problem: a veteran publisher campaigned to launch issues of his newsletter on advanced direct marketing. He wanted to test his target mailing list with postcards instead of the standard mailing package, which is expensive, because it includes a sales letter, envelope, brochure, order form and reply card.

What’s his problem? His problem is standard mail is very expensive. What’s the solution he’s going after? He’s going to see if postcards make a difference, so you got his problem? It’s well-defined. His problem is shared by many other direct mail marketers.


Here’s the A=Action, he mailed out 5,000 pieces for $1,000, not the $4,000 for the standard mail package, because mail packages are expensive. He offered three free newsletter issues with several valuable bonuses.

He also printed the front and back sides of the postcard on the package insert so they could be put into boxes and not just mailed out through the fulfillment company he worked with. He included it as a low-cost write along in joint venture mailings with other direct mail, something you can’t do with a standard mail package.

What’s the action he took? He decided to utilize the postcard versus the standard mailing package. What happened? It cost him $1,000 not $4,000, why? It costs less to print postcards than the standard mail package and that’s the action he took.


R=Result – the two-step mailing; first being the postcard and second the newsletter, yielded $1.91 cost per lead and $10.40 cost per sale for his best market segment he mailed to.

Once prospects received the three newsletters, 25.4% subscribed at a two-year rate of $299. With revenues of $4 for every postcard mailed, he made a $3.80 profit per postcard. It’s a positive result, which is why I utilized it.

I’m not even saying use postcards there. I don’t have to, because the story does all the selling for me as the person who’s trying to sell MarketingWithPostcards. You can sell whatever you’re trying to sell. If you utilize the PAR formula you’ll get a lot more case studies, a lot more testimonials and it’s better to get a story like that than to get someone saying how great you are.

That’s nowhere near as important or powerful and doesn’t have the unspoken endorsement as the PAR formula does.

Utilize the PAR Formula…

And it will accelerate the growth of your business by simply utilizing the case method theory taught at some of the world-class training organizations, institutions, colleges and graduate programs throughout the world; Harvard being one of them.

Internet Business – Case Studies of Success and Failure

Doing a search on Google for the phrase Internet Business produces approaching a billion records roughly. There are literally several million websites selling information on how to get rich quickly by setting up a home-based internet business. Their promotional write-up shows very convincing bank statements and affiliate accounts with huge credits made month by month. This hard-sell has convinced many people to part with their money in the hope of getting rich quickly, by what would appear to be an easy online system that earns money almost automatically.

Of all the people that parted with money for the information, some will never take any action in setting up their internet business. Others will make a start but never really complete the task of launching their money making business. Of the ones that actually do get as far as setting up their online business website, there will be a considerable number that will not earn a lot of money. Then, of course, there will be some who actually succeed in earning significantly to either supplement their normal wage or even be in a position to give up their day job.

Success Factors

What are the factors that enable some internet businesses to succeed and others to fail? Can anyone succeed and make significant money online or are certain skills required? One way to determine some of these factors is to examine real case studies. The following cases are of four individuals who set up their internet businesses and their success or failure outcomes.

Case Study 1

Case 1 is of a reasonably intelligent guy who is computer literate but without technical abilities. Instead of spending weeks and months of reading and researching how to set up his internet business, he paid for an online coaching course in order to train him in online money making schemes. Then he paid a hefty sum to subscribe to a weekly self-improvement video series. His profits were to came from every recruit who signed up for the self-improvement subscription through his efforts. Included as part of the package he had paid for was a ready-made web page which was personalised by replacing the name and photograph with his own. Then all that was required was to purchase a domain name and host the web page and his internet business was set up.

Now that his business was launched, he did some basic marketing and branding by having some business cards printed, getting a free-phone line and advertisements in the local newspaper. Then he waited for the money to roll in. Several weeks and months went by and he started becoming disillusioned as he only got one solitary sale. After about a year the website was taken down.

It is obvious that the cause of the failure of this internet business was lack of traffic resulting from insufficient online promotion and search engine optimisation of his website.

Case Study 2

Case 2 is of an intelligent guy with high technical abilities working as a software developer. In his spare time he developed his own e-commerce website over a period of several months, selling fiction e-books for numerous authors. He used the normal techniques of creating back-links registering with blogs and forums to promote his internet business. He refused to optimize his home page for his keyword phrase but it is not known what impact that had on his page rank which reached a value of three. For some reason his website would appear on the first page of Google on some days but on other days it would appear as low as page eleven.

After a year of trading, this website was taken down as it had less than ten sales in that time. The failure of this internet business was attributed to lack of routine monitoring and analysis of website statistics thus being unable to adjust to market requirements. When a website receives traffic but fails to make sales then its content needs to be re-written in such a way as to make the products more appealing.

Case Study 3

Case 3 is of a college student with a keen interest in computers and everything internet related. He had many attempts at several internet based businesses, learning his trade from his mistakes as he progressed. He started by setting up a site that promoted web hosting packages. This was not earning a lot of money so he moved on to Google AdSense revenue on proxy servers. This was reasonably successful until Google banned his sites for various reasons, his first experience of what is now known as the Google slap. After that, he started buying and selling weight-loss and health supplement products but that involved handling, packaging and posting the products which was not practical nor profitable.

Finally, by learning from his mistakes, through the many trails and errors, his internet business became a rapid success when he started affiliate marketing and learned the techniques of driving targeted traffic to his sites. He has scaled up his online activities to the extent that he is now classed as a super-affiliate.

This internet business can be classed as a huge success which can be attributed to persistence, adaptability, knowledge and application of it.

Case Study 4

Case 4 is of another college student who took a year out to concentrate on starting up an internet business instead of travelling around the world as most students do during their gap year. His first attempt was to set up an e-commerce site selling products that were drop-shipped but soon moved into affiliate marketing and promoting niche products through paid-for advertising. He now has several bespoke websites developed by out-sourcing the design and aims to build for the long-term with a steady income.

Although not in the super-affiliate league, his internet business is a success enabling him to earn a very good living. The success being attributed to adaptability and good online advertising.


In conclusion, the factors that determine the success of an internet business are not only targeted marketing and generating traffic but also qualities such as persistence, adaptability and the good application of knowledge.

Why Is A Plant-Based Diet Better?

When people talk about a plant-based diet, they’re not necessarily talking about giving up meat altogether. But to eat a plant-based diet is to emphasize fruits and vegetables and make those the main ingredients of every meal. In general, proponents of plant-based diets recommend consuming only limited amounts of grass-fed, organically farmed meat. Whether you go entirely vegan, or make an effort to minimize animal products and maximize plant-based foods, you will experience many benefits.

For one thing, a great deal of research supports the idea that a diet rich in a variety of fruits and vegetables promotes good health. Plants are full of micro-nutrients that support the vision, the digestion, and above all, cardiovascular health. Fruits and vegetables can help you attain or maintain a healthy weight, which can decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A plant-based diet is also known to lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke. Plants are also rich in fiber, which aids digestion and helps you feel full on fewer calories.

Another benefit of eating a plant-based diet is knowing that your food choices are better for the environment. Animal agriculture consumes a large amount of resources. A farmer has to use land and water to grow grains to feed the livestock. Consider how much more efficient it is to use land and water to grow food directly for human consumption. Plant agriculture is less polluting to the environment as well. Animal waste can pollute the ground and surface water near the farm, and the methane gases they release through digestion are a major contributor to greenhouse gases.

Although plants are less expensive to cultivate and generally less expensive to buy than meat, many people do not find it easy to eat primarily plant-based foods. If you don’t have a lot of time to shop for fresh foods and cook them on a regular basis, it is much easier to buy boxed, canned or frozen foods that can be heated up quickly. One company, though, is trying to help even busy people enjoy the benefits of a plant-based diet by using only healthy plant-based ingredients in their processed foods. A recent article about Hampton Creek described the company’s mission as providing the world with healthy, environmentally friendly, and affordable processed foods.

You Will Have to Update From Time to Time

Have you noticed the video on your computer doesn't seem to be working right? Sometime videos take forever to load, or maybe they don't load properly. It can be a real pain especially when you are in the middle of something. There are many things that can cause those issues, but in many cases you just need to update your video drivers. Things are always changing in technology, so things need to brought up to speed. You may not be too tech savvy so you may be wondering how to update video drivers. It can be easier than you may think. You can usually find the drivers you need right online, you just have to find a source you can trust.

Programs That Shouldn’t Miss From a Computer

The duplicate cleaner is a program that every single computer should contain. Moreover, it is a program that should be used by the computer's owner on a regular basis, as it clears out the clogged storage space. One of the problems that computer face when they are used on a daily basis is that they get their storage space packed with duplicate files. The duplicate files are absolutely useless and they only create issues. A duplicate cleaner can find all these programs and remove them, one by one, by deleting them. As a result, the storage space is cleared out and the computer's performance is improved.

A satisfied user

A few days ago, I finally found the best hard drive eraser. Before I found this eraser, I had watched a lot of YouTube videos on this subject. However, I did not get the results I wanted. Luckily, a friend told me about the website at and I read their tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, there is a link from where you could download the eraser. It was very helpful for me and I completely erased any sensitive information which might have been stored on my hard drive. Now, my computer has a lot of free space for storing the really important data.

My father

Several years ago I got my first computer. My father bought it for me for my 15th birthday. I was very happy and fulfilled. I used it very carefully. I was scared not to break my computer. After some time, it happened the thing I feared the most. One day when I turned on my computer a 0x80040900 error appeared. I was very scared and I did not know what to do. I started to cry. When my father returned from work, I told him what had happened. He opened YouTube and watched a video that helped us a lot. From that day I keep my computer even more than before.